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Seminario Diagnostic Course | Protocol and Procedural

Recurso: Dr. José M. De Jesús


The use of which of the following ophthalmic diagnostic drugs would be most suitable to perform a cycloplegic refraction on a patient with refractive accommodative esotropia?
Which of the following cycloplegics is most appropriate for the treatment of an idiopathic acute iridocyclitis?
An anesthetic affects a nerve stimulus by:
Which of the following agents is considered an indirect sympathomimetic:
Which of the following combination of ocular diagnostic agents produces complete pupil dilation?
Phenylephrine 2.5% ophthalmic solution causes mydriasis by:
Tropicamide 1% ophthalmic solution causes mydriasis by:
Horner’s pupil is caused by:
Which of the following is a benefit of cycloplegic refraction?
Which of the following anterior chamber assessment would most likely cause complications when performing a pupil dilation?
Which method of cycloplegic retinoscopy is most efficient?
The image perceived in an indirect ophthalmoscopy is:
What retinal quadrant of the right eye is viewed when you ask a patient to look up and to the right while performing an indirect ophthalmoscopy?
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